Mission Partners

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

At Grand Lake Church we seek to partner with missionaries and ministries both locally and globally so that more and more people have the opportunity to discover the hope of Jesus Christ. Here is a list of our current missions partnerships: 


Choosing Life Pregnancy Center

We are a ministry to help those who find themselves in a pregnancy situation and are looking for the services we provide. All of our services are free. There are no age or income guidelines for our services. The services we offer are: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, adoption planning, counseling and parenting classes. Our clients also shop free in our boutique. The boutique is open to the public and we accept donations of all types, such as clothing, furniture, crafts, kitchenware, tools, etc. We also welcome volunteers to work in the boutique. We are located at 560 Touvelle St., Celina. 

Harvest Table

A food ministry that offers free meals to everyone on Saturday mornings from 10am – Noon. There are no guidelines or restrictions; a warm meal is offered to anyone who walks through the doors of Grand Lake UMC.

House of Hope

House of Hope are two homes one for men and one for women that offer refuge and a safe living environment for those recovering from addiction.

OUR Home Family Resource

An organization that seeks to provide for, serve and inspire change in individuals, in families, and in the communities of Mercer County with a vision of “empowering people to grow from crisis to hope.”

Tiffany Williams/Time to Revive

Time to Revive and specifically in our state, ReviveOhio, offers the mission of equipping the saints to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples.

Emergency Needs

This ministry offers assistance to people in the community that find themselves battling the basic needs of life.  


Appalachia Service Project

ASP provides one of the most rewarding structured service opportunities in the nation, bringing thousands of volunteers from around the country to rural Central Appalachia to repair homes for low-income families.

Good Works

Good Works offers a Community of Hope for those struggling with poverty in rural Appalachia, providing biblical hospitality through shelters, residential care, job experience programs, creative volunteer service opportunities and community development in the context of Christian Community.

Inner City Mission

This mission team serves those less fortunate that are homeless and hungry in various cities. This team experiences the opportunity to pray with people, build relationships, as well as serve in soup kitchens and food banks.

Spirit & Truth

Spirit and Truth is a new Wesleyan-minded movement seeking to awaken and equip the twenty-first century church, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to share the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We currently are working with churches in various states around the country to help everyday church folks learn to share their faith and grow deep with Jesus. Our goal in each church we work with is to mobilize every member as a missionary right were they live, work and play.  We believe that the more church folks start to live as missionaries, looking for every opportunity to share about Christ and invest in discipleship, the more people around our country who don’t know Jesus, will discover the hope and salvation that only He can provide.


ABWE / Doug & Kathy McClain – Germany

Doug and Kathy are serving as missionaries in Pirmasens, Germany. Doug and Kathy have been assigned to work in a small church where they are sharing the gospel and implementing an outreach ministry to some of the refugees in Pirmasens. They desire to see their church grow and reach younger families with younger children.

Alex & Elizabeth Minium/Ethnos360

Ethnos360 church planting missionaries serve people groups living in some of the most remote areas of the world. The missionary teams depend on the Ethnos360 Aviation airplanes and helicopters to be the supply line for virtually everything they need. Transportation. Mail and medicines. Groceries and dry goods. Fuel and office supplies. Building materials and equipment.  Aircraft shuttle children back and forth to school, bring work crews and medical teams, and provide lifesaving medevacs for missionaries and village folks alike.  When disaster strikes, our aircraft are sometimes the only ones positioned to provide relief flights in impenetrable regions.

Christ Faith Home for Children - India

CFHC serves needy sections of India, especially abandoned babies, destitute children, and deserted women. CFHC meets the needs of the orphaned and abandoned children by showing the love of God by holding, feeding, educating, caring for and rescuing them from their circumstances.

Grace Children’s Hospital – Haiti

The Delmas neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, where the hospital is located, is an area of great need for healthcare services. Families cannot afford the healthcare and, without Grace Children’s Hospital, would have nowhere to turn. Children come in with a variety of diseases in addition to severe malnutrition. Grace Children’s Hospital is working to develop two new critical ministries:  an orphanage and temporary family housing. Grace Children’s Hospital is working to develop partnerships to help sustain these projects. Haiti, though devastated by a myriad of natural disasters…continues to fully trust God, and is described as “A place of great need. A place of great hope.”


Grand Lake UMC began partnering with Grenada in 2005 after a devastating hurricane. Over the years, teams from Grand Lake UMC have been working with the poorest of communities helping with construction, VBS for the villages, serving in the youth ministry, music ministry, 4H, leadership development, as well as developing lifetime relationships. New mission opportunities include Time to Revive Grenada and Fellowship of Christian Athletes activities.

FCA/Bevin Stanislaus, Grenada

Bevin felt God call him back to his love of sports and use it to reach out to the youth of Grenada. Bevan was first introduced to Fellowship of Christian Athletes through a phone call with the International FCA director and was invited to their national headquarters in Kansas City for training and now the organization and Bevin are launching Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Grenada.
Bevin has made a solid foundation for FCA and has already met with many schools, the Caribbean Sports organization and the Grenada minister of sports to open the doors to FCA across the country. He has started his first Huddles (youth group) in his hometown of Mt Rich and the Grenada Christian Academy. There are already over 200 youths being touched by this ministry.

Grow International

Every year children and youth are compelled, forced and sold into the modern-day slave trade through the trafficking industry in Thailand. Young people who face prior abuse and abandonment are at a greater risk of being sold often by those who are supposed to be their protectors, to traffickers who unscrupulously exploit their vulnerabilities or circumstances. These children are often forced to engage in illegal activities including prostitution or selling drugs.
Out of the personal experience of a young girl named Faa, who suffered abuse and exploitation by her own father, was removed from the home and raised in a Christian Orphanage with hundreds of children who didn’t understand her problems, comes a story of redemption and hope, strength and empowerment, and the ministry called GROW (Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide).
GROW was started in 2009 to rescue these abused children providing a safe place for them to live, grow, heal, and hear about Christ. GROW also reaches out to the families through relationship building, parenting classes, and sharing the Gospel.  Family members are coming to know Jesus as their personal Savior, and as a result, communities are being impacted.
GROW welcomes teams and visitors to our campus with a variety of service opportunities.  Stateside, GROW is looking for additional board members, grant writers, communication team members and more. Visit their website at grow-worldwide.com or contact Jeana Harley (Executive Director) at 330-465-9617 or jharley@grow-worldwide.com.

Rev. Gladstone – India

Rev. Gladstone was called by God into the ministry in 1971. He began to serve as a missionary Evangelist with India Every Home Crusade. Rev. Gladstone has served in villages and slum churches and his desire is to win souls for Christ. He reaches the unreached and he trains young people to preach and plant churches.

Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child

OCC brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world by partnering with local churches and ministry partners to deliver gift-filled shoeboxes and the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ and His love.

WGM / Larry & Angie Overholt – Honduras

Larry and Angie have been missionaries for over 25 years. They began serving underprivileged youth in Escuela El Sembrador. They then moved to Honduras to work in Hurricane Mitch relief efforts. Following the relief effort they began working in Community development and Church-planting. They have established ten churches, started a vocational school, opened the first Professional Technical Nursing High School in Honduras and most recently started a ministry outreach in the community of Apacilagua. They believe that by presenting a Biblical worldview and supporting education, Honduras can be transformed. God and the church are the foundation of everything they do.

Wycliffe / Brian & Beth Schwartz – Philippines

Brian and Beth serve as missionaries providing quality Christian education to families in Christian ministry.  Together they serve in many capacities including facility managers, interim business administrator, security officer, teacher of scripture engagement, helping to repair and rebuild homes that were devastated by flooding. Brian and Beth continue to distribute printed Bibles as they are able.