COVID-19 Updates

Dear Grand Lake Church Family,

We find ourselves in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Certainly this is a time of much uncertainty, which has the potential to breed fear and anxiety. Let me remind you that the Bible tells us 365 times (in some form or fashion), “Do not be afraid.” That’s one reminder a day for every day of the year. So, in the midst of life being turned upside down right now, let us heed the Bible’s advice and not be afraid.

There is, however, a big difference in “not being afraid” and simply being “foolish.” It is in this regard that I want to share some short-term changes Grand Lake Church will be making to our typical church schedule. In following the lead of government and health care leaders in an effort to “flatten the curve” of the Covid-19 virus spreading, we will implement the following changes effective immediately and continuing thru March 29th, at which time we will re-evaluate the situation:

 1. Worship will be online only for March 22nd and 29th. You can watch the weekly message on our website (, Facebook and our new church app (available in app stores now) each Sunday at 10:00am and anytime thereafter.  

2. Brianna’s Hope will have a carry-out meal from 6:00-6:30pm on Tuesday, but no meeting.

3. The Wednesday meal will be carry-out only from 4:30-5:30pm with no evening classes or activities.

 4. Harvest Table will be carry-out only from 10:00-11:30am.  (The Harvest Table 10th Year Celebration has been postponed.)

5. All other church activities will be cancelled from now thru March 29th, to be re-evaluated at that time.

6. The church building will be open M-F from 9:00am-5:00pm for individuals who would like to come in and pray, and for those individuals who need special assistance.

7. Giving can be done online, mailed or dropped off at the church office. Please continue giving your tithes and offerings in obedience and thanksgiving to God for the blessings you continue to receive, even during these difficult times. Your generosity is more important than ever in times like these as we will undoubtedly experience much more need in our community for the next several months.

8. You will receive a follow-up email very soon with instructions on how to use many of the digital resources we have available to us for things such as watching the sermon, giving on-line, conducting “virtual” meetings with your small groups, signing up for the new church app, etc.

Your pastoral staff has certainly not taken these decisions lightly. As much as we hate to cancel church events, we believe it is ultimately an act of care and compassion toward the most vulnerable members of our society. We must do whatever is necessary to protect our loved ones who are elderly and have diminished immune systems from this potentially deadly virus. I pray that you understand and support these drastic measures.Certainly we will monitor the situation and make any changes as needed.

I’d like to share one final thought with you in closing. A particular verse of Scripture has been coming to the forefront of my mind for several days now. That verse comes from Joel 2:15, which is traditionally an Ash Wednesday Scripture. In that verse, the prophet says, “declare a holy fast.” The prophet says that at a time in which a locust plague is creating a severe famine in the land. He’s declaring a holy fast when there is no food to eat anyway. What he’s really saying is, “Return to the Lord. Focus on the Lord.”

How might this difficult Covid-19 period be an opportunity for us to “declare a holy fast” What if instead of focusing on the inconveniences and all that we are giving up for a while, we instead focus on the Lord?  What if we use this time to not count our losses, but to count our blessings instead? What if we use the time we used to spend watching sports and going out to eat to focus on the Lord? You recently received the gift of Right Now Media, a digital library of over 20,000 resources to help you grow in your faith. Let’s use that resource to the fullest during these unconventional times. Let’s spend some quality devotional time with our families in our own homes.  Let’s strengthen our relationships with our families and with God Let’s declare a holy fast and see how richly God blesses us in doing so.


Pastor Mick